Four days in San Francisco

Recently, I got to spend four days in San Francisco with Rachael (a physical therapist… and my wife) and Ray (you may remember him from here, here, and here).  We were all attending Visceral Manipulation 3:  The Pelvis presented by the Barral Institute.  The instructor, Peter Coppola was fantastic.  You may also remember a conversation I had with Gail Wetzler previously where we mentioned some of these courses.

The material covered is exactly what it sounds like (except for the manipulation part… we are not doing high-velocity thrust techniques on organs).  These courses are pretty fascinating because of the amount of detailed anatomy they cover… way more than we’re taught in school.  The amount of skill it takes to perform some of these techniques is impressive, as demonstrated by the instructor.  It may sound hokie from just thinking about it, but the courses are usually paired with before-and-after measurements (i.e. physiologic range of motion) that demonstrate what we just did in a lab really made a change in the patient’s body.  Overall, would certainly recommend manual therapists check them out and consider attending a seminar if interested.

Oh yeah, we got to eat at the famous House of Prime Rib, so there are some pictures of that too.  I’d also highly recommend dining there if you ever get the chance!

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