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What is “manual therapy”?

What is “manual therapy”? Here I give my thoughts on a topic that this site is dedicated toward!

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Manual Therapy Foundations: Clinical Reasoning for Direct Access Including Safety, Palpation, and Tests – Anaheim, CA

I’m late on the Cinco de Mayo celebration, but I got to spend it with some great people in Anaheim, CA!

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Four days in San Francisco

Fun times in San Francisco over the past weekend! Attended Visceral Manipulation 3: The Pelvis as offered by the Barral Institute with some great people!

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Happy Easter!

A Happy Easter message for all!

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Viewer’s Choice!

Hi y’all, Wanted to send out an inquiry to see if there were any particular techniques or regions of the body that you would like to see different techniques in a new video?  I’d love to hear your input! Send…

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