Manual Therapy Foundations: Clinical Reasoning for Direct Access Including Safety, Palpation, and Tests – Anaheim, CA

Well, this post is a little late, but better late than never!  The weekend of May 4-6 I had the pleasure of flying down to Anaheim, CA to teach Manual Therapy Foundations:  Clinical Reasoning for Direct Access Including Safety, Palpation, and Tests at California Rehabilitation & Sports Therapy for Comprehensive Manual Therapy Seminars (CrunKeyser, LLC).  The course host, Jeremy Simmons, is a colleague (and dare I say pal) through the Institute of Physical Art and is always a good guy to spend time with.

I love teaching this course because we get to delve deep into anatomy, biomechanics, and safety screening for the spine, ribcage, and pelvis.  Honestly, instructing manual therapy these days seems to be getting more difficult if you’re trying to pass on an artform, or craft, instead of reciting data points from research and giving generalized treatments of mobilization or manipulation.  Hopefully, those in attendance picked up on some of the things we were trying to impart and gain an appreciation for this craft we call manual therapy.

Oh yeah, Jennifer from Cal Rehab set up an awesome celebration of Cinco de Mayo for us all.  So, thanks Jennifer!  And thanks to everyone that came out to take the course!

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