Timothy W. Flynn, PT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT



“The noiseless, painless, restoration of maximum function.”

– Tim Flynn quoting Paul Kimberly, DO, FAAO for his definition of ‘manipulation’



Passion for the patients that we are able to work with… curiosity… humbleness… an open mind… and a commitment to always improve your skill set.

– Tim Flynn



The thoracic spine and ribcage… at the end of the day, breathing and dialing down the sympathetic nervous system is a game changer for the vast majority of patients.  So, if your thoracic spine and ribcage is not mobile, you cannot breathe.

– Tim Flynn



Today, we have the fortune to speak with Tim Flynn.  Tim is a well known figure in manual therapy, research, and education.  He is a former military man as well.  While Tim has received extensive training in traditional forms of manual therapy, and is open about how his overall manual therapy approach has evolved with reseearch findings over the years.  Recently, Tim has been an amazing advocate for our profession to be the front line of musculoskeletal care, especially as the opioid epidemic has become fully exposed for what it has done to patients.  Tim shares his wisdom with years of experience in multiple areas of physical therapy and manual therapy.  I hope you enjoy this time with Tim!



Pain does not equal damage.

– Tim Flynn



Never underestimate the power of the medical system to make you worse.

– Tim Flynn



Yes, we get together at conferences such as AAOMPT, CSM, etc.  We get together and that should nourish us, but if we’re only talking amongst each other we’ve literally failed to do what we’re called to do.  We should spend 95% of our time talking outside our profession and 5% of time within.  And of that 5% maybe arguing about 0.5% and the other 4.5% of that collaberating on how we’re gonna make this dysfunctional thing we call a heatlhcare system better for society.

– Tim Flynn



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