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Addendum to “Having fun with an upper cervical model”

Couldn’t resist altering my modification of an upper cervical model that I posted about yesterday. Let me know what you think!

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Self-mobilization of the hip

Want to see a self-mobilization I’ve been playing with in the clinic lately? Ridiculously simple to do for patients that is really effective for common issues we see in the clinic. Check it out!

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Differential Diagnosis of Elevated 1st Rib

Watch this video and see how we quickly differentiate what is causing an elevated first rib. Is it really a superior subluxation… or something that often gets missed?

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Addendum to seated CT junction gapping HVLAT technique

Here is an addendum to a previous post regarding the seated CT junction gapping HVLAT. A slight modification was made to enhance safety and specificity to the technique. Watch the difference and let us know what you think!

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Talo-navicular dorsiflexion

Have you ever worked to improve ankle dorsiflexion by mobilizing the talocrural joint and stretching the calf of your patient, but still felt like there was some limitations? In this video, Dr. Thomason demonstrates how dorsiflexion at the talo-navicular joint…

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