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Review of Upper Cervical Assessment

Watch as we review the mechanics and assessment of the upper cervical segments in the seated position.

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Alternative HVLAT to Thoraco-Lumbar Junction

Dr. Thomason shows a different way to manipulate the thoracolumbar junction as an alternative to traditional locking in sidelying.

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Manipulation of an Adducted Ulna

In this video, Dr. Thomason demonstrates manipulation of the elbow for an adducted ulna lesion.

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Addendum to “Having fun with an upper cervical model”

Couldn’t resist altering my modification of an upper cervical model that I posted about yesterday. Let me know what you think!

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Self-mobilization of the hip

Want to see a self-mobilization I’ve been playing with in the clinic lately? Ridiculously simple to do for patients that is really effective for common issues we see in the clinic. Check it out!

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