Addendum to seated CT junction gapping HVLAT technique

In a previous post, I presented a HVLAT technique for gapping at the cervico-thoracic junction.  In my description of this technique I mentioned how the main goal was to have only the thrusting hand moving… NOT the upper hand/contact.  However, in my performance of the technique I utilized a counter-thrust with the upper hand/contact, and even said so as I was talking about it.

After consulting with my friend and mentor Kent Keyser, he reminded me that the correct performance of the technique was indeed without any movement of the upper hand/contact.  We even watched a video of a mentor of his (David Lamb) performing this technique and WOW, he was exact and FAST.  Since then, I’ve gone back to the clinic and practiced this a little bit.  I feel like I’ve improved my technique well enough to present it to you the correct way in the video below.  Hope you enjoy this addendum.  As always, any comments, questions, or suggestions are appreciated!



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