Interview with Ray Klepper PT, DPT – part deux

**Update – this is the second portion of the interview with Ray. Again, had to split up the posts to make sure it would load properly onto iTunes and Sticher. Thanks for your understanding!**

Today’s interview is a change of pace from our usual foremat that many of you have come to enjoy.  It is specific to one topic that isn’t really about manual therapy.  However, it is a topic that is being discussed more and more among the health field… and that is, nutrition and the role it plays in our health.

Ray Klepper PT, DPT is a co-worker, colleague, and friend of mine who has delved pretty far down this rabbit hole as it relates to the typical recommended diet by those in authority over the past fifty years… and how (not so new) alternatives are proven to be much safer and healthier.  However, recent research is showing more and more that previously recommended diets are not solving our health problems as a country, but more likely contributing to them.

During this interview, Ray and I discuss some of the physiology behind blood metrics like cholesterols, triglycerides, blood glucose and insulin; as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes, metabolic disorders, etc. that can all be changed (for the better) through an appropriate diet/lifestyle.  Our conversation centers mainly around the low carbohydrate-high fat realm.  For those of you somewhat familiar with this topic, you may have heard of “keto” or “ketogenic diet”.  This is just a more strict form of low carb-high fat.

If you are at all interested in health/wellness and newer research that has been coming out recently (i.e. fat isn’t bad, cholesterol is not the devil we though it was, saturated fats are not harmful, etc.), then you won’t want to miss this interview.  Or, if you disagree with us, please voice your opinions on the comment section of this blog because I would thoroughly enjoy learning your opinions!

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