Viewer’s Choice!

Hi y’all,

Wanted to send out an inquiry to see if there were any particular techniques or regions of the body that you would like to see different techniques in a new video?  I’d love to hear your input!

Send me a comment below on this page, or a reply to the Facebook or Twitter post!






3 Comments on “Viewer’s Choice!

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  2. Hello Matt,
    Thank you for your website and the knowledge you choose to share with us! Yes, I am curious about the various approaches there are to C0-1 and C7-T1 HVLAT and your thoughts on efficacy, comfort for patients, safety, etc. Please forgive me if you have already addressed this and I missed it; if so, just let me/us know your reference(s), videos, etc. If you have suggestions on HVLAT in supine vs. sitting, vs. prone or ???, I’d be curious of your thoughts.
    Thank you!
    Eric H.

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    • Eric, I’d be happy to do something for C0-1 (someone else asked for upper cervical on Facebook). Look for it to come out soon 🙂 I have done a CT junction video in sitting. Feel free to check back on the YouTube page to find it the quickest.


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