A side of history with Kent Keyser MS, PT, OCS, COMT, ATC, FFCFMT, FAAOMPT



Regarding David Lamb:

“He had hands that were unbelievable.”


“I appreciated his size, grace, [the] softness of his hands.”


“As a manipulator, he just got your attention, because he could do things where it was artful.”


“He made you feel special, and that was something he did for everybody.”


“He seemed to have ten lifetimes of techniques and skills.”



In this post, we speak with one of my main mentors over the years, Kent Keyser.  I’ve had the pleasure of teaching with Kent for five years now and have enjoyed every bit of it, always learning new things (while teaching the same material over those years).  This conversation with Kent was during CFMT week in August of 2017.  We had some free time after getting to the airport very early, so we got to chat about a different subject.  Two men that were very influential in Kent’s professional (and perhaps personal) life were David Lamb and Jeff Ellis.  Unfortunately, these two men passed away many years ago.  Kent helps us remember a bit about who these men were and what made them special in his eyes.  So listen in to learn more about these influential manual therapists.



Regarding Jeff Ellis:

“For some reason he touched the soul because he covered so many areas.” 


“He ended up having over 2,000 people show up.  In five days.  From all over.” 


“He was truly a renaissance man.  Everything he did, he was good at.  He impacted on people and meant something in their life.” 


“He would’ve been a substantial person in physical therapy and manual therapy…  He would’ve taken things to such interesting places because he was that brilliant in his ability to take information and really bring things to cutting edges. “



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