Mike Baum & PNF II


One of the biggest things is using appropriate body mechanics.  Not over-resisting, and really looking at what is the patient doing well.  Because again, it’s very easy to say “Okay, this is what they’re not doing.  This is what they’re having dysfunction with.  This is where they’re having increased spasticity.  They’re not having active, isolated movement.  They’re pulling into pathological synergies.  They have significant difficulty with transfers.  They have significant difficulty with standing balance or sitting balance.”  That’s easy to pick up.  What’s maybe more important is, what are they doing well, and how can you use what they’re doing well to enhance and facilitate what they’re not doing well.  Enhance they’re function.

– Mike Baum


Recently, I got to sit down again with Mike Baum at a PNF II course that he taught.  If you haven’t heard our first podcast with Mike, check it out here.  When I found out that Mike would be coming to California to teach this class, I had to take it.  Honestly, I’ve been wanting to take this from him for years, but it was lower than some other things on the priority list.  That makes it difficult because the course is only taught once (maybe twice) in a year.  You’ll learn why that is so in the podcast.  For this episode, we get to hear more about Mike’s use of PNF, his training time with it in Vallejo, CA, and much, much more.  Please enjoy this latest episode with Mike!


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Links of interest:

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