Tim Crunk, Kent Keyser, Seth Blee


Manual therapy has a long learning curve, so that’s frustrating for some, but I think it’s well worth it because it’s very rewarding to see people that have great need make great changes with your help.  That can be a real wonderful thing.

– Kent Keyser


Work real hard to be humble and don’t let pride get in the way.  It’s all about the patient, it’s not about you.

– Kent Keyser


Today, we have a special treat for all of our listeners.  This isn’t any ordinary post (hopefully, you feel that about all of our posts) because we get to speak with three people all at once!  Our conversation today is with Tim Crunk PT, DPT, MS, OCS, CFMT, FAAOMPT… Kent Keyser PT, MS, OCS, COMT, ATC, LAT, FFCFMT, FAAOMPT… and Seth Blee PT, DPT, CFMT.  The main reason for having the luxury of speaking to three great gentlemen all at once was that we were all driving together from Denver airport to Steamboat Springs, CO for the CFMT examination week earlier this summer.  If you gain a lot from a conversation we’ve had with one manual therapist… then you’ll definitely want to listen today with three times the experience!


I learn every day.  There’s not a day I go to work where I’m not learning something from a patient that I’m seeing.  As we look at each individual, we know that people function individually and in unique ways.  So, one thing that keeps me constantly passionate and engaged is… I love learning and learn every day.

– Tim Crunk


I can’t think of too many professions [physical therapy], as I look around, where there is just so much to learn every day.

– Tim Crunk



It’s easy to be average, it’s easy to be mediocre.  If you really want to be the best therapist, whether it’s owning your clinic, or working with some elite population, or developing courses, or whatever you want to do.  That takes an awful lot of time, and energy, and passion.  I hope people will be able to see that [we], hopefully have, and some of that can rub off on to some others that we’ll hopefully influence.

– Seth Blee


The best therapists are those that have the most humility, that can learn from their patients, and from… students that come in with them.  Be willing to learn and be patient.

– Seth Blee



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Links of interest mentioned during our conversation:

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Comprehensive Physical Therapy

Innova Physical Therapy Center

CrunKeyser:  Comprehensive Manual Therapy Seminars

Institute of Physical Art

North American Institute of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy



4 Comments on “Tim Crunk, Kent Keyser, Seth Blee

  1. Dr. Thomason, what a great treat this was listening and reflecting. Wether you are a new grad or a “seasoned” therapist, this was a great set of questions and responses and a MUST listen!!!!. So much great advice packed into such a short time!!!! I appreciate the effort and passion you have to get these great interviews!

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  2. Hey Matt!
    Wow! This is a treat, you are correct. All your audio and video blogs have been so good. Thanks so much for organizing and sharing this. I need to ask you an old guy question…
    I have listened on my smartphone and on my laptop when connected to internet wireless but want to download to my phone and listen when off line while driving. Which option do I click on to do that?
    Best regards,

    Andy Kerk, PT, CFMT, ATC
    Founder and President
    Pewaukee: 262-695-3057
    Milwaukee: 414-224-8219
    Visit us at: http://www.bmechanics.com


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    • Hey Andy, thanks for the compliments!

      In regard to your question, I think the easiest thing would be to download the ‘episode’ to your podcast app on your phone. That should let you listen to it while offline.

      Hope that helps!


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