It’s building a relationship like anything else.  You don’t really educate people intellectually, you have to really emotionally move them.

– Jim Rivard


I just want people to find their passion.

– Jim Rivard


Jim Rivard is a clinician, practice owner, and leader within the OMPT (Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy) community at both the post-graduate training level and professional organization level.  During this conversation, we get to catch up on happenings within the AAOMPT at the time (Jim is no longer the sitting president of AAOMPT as newly elected president Elaine Lonnemann has now taken over her role).  Also, Jim gives us his perspective on a number of topics ranging from how he sees our profession evolving over time, developing better relationships with physicians/surgeons, to where he thinks patients need the most help.  So, I hope you enjoy this conversation.  I sure did!


The APTA is trying to brand us as the movement experts.  So, with that, we should really understand movement.  How to influence it and how to train.  They’re not trying to brand us as the delegation experts.  We shouldn’t be handing this off to untrained staff to be doing one of our primary interventions.  If we can’t do better than the internet or a health club, we’re done anyway.  [However] Our profession has a really high skill level.

– Jim Rivard



What I take value in right now is just seeing the people I’ve taught turn around and teach someone else.  When they appreciate the value of their instructors the way I’ve appreaciated mine.  I’d love to be in that family tree.  I’ve gotten such an appreciation for the people that have gotten me here, and even a better appreciation for my instructors in PT school than I had when I left.  So, I’d just love to be a part of that family, rather than maybe standing out as an individual.

– Jim Rivard



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Links of interest mentioned during this conversation:

American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists

Ola Grimsby Institute

Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progressions:  Volume One

Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progressions:  Volume Two

Scientific Therapeutic Exercise Progressions:  Volume Three

MTI Physical Therapy




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