The definintion of synergy:  the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

One of my biggest mentors often talks about the word “gestalt” in classes that we teach.  His main point for using this term is “the sum of the parts do not always equal the whole”, meaning that the whole is actually greater.  That is to say (in the world of manual therapy) there are movements or techniques that are actually a combination of multiple things, and this combining has an exaggerating effect on the outcome that would not normally be present were these movements/techniques performed individually.  I include this term here in this post in reverence to him.

However, I stumbled onto this definition of synergy a couple of weeks ago and for some reason it really stuck with me.  Maybe because synergy just sounds more mystical than a more abrupt word like gestalt.  Although, please note that the two definitions are pretty much exactly the same.

I wanted to post this in part because I had hoped to work “synergy” into the title of this blog.  Unfortunately, there were so many physiotherapy clinics in the good ol’ USA that I couldn’t separate this site enough from them.  So, I decided on the current title (  However, my intention for the content has not changed.  And that is this… the content of this blog will be a SYNERGY of opinions, cases, technique descriptions (whether video or written), and interviews (whether audio or written) to inspire, educate, and empower those who practice manual physiotherapy.

Therefore, please subscribe to this blog; follow us on Facebook; follow us on Twitter; or just check back on a regular basis to see what is new.  And please, comment/respond/share/critique or whatever strikes your fancy so that we can impact more clinicians out there!

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