Jack Stagge PT, OCS, FAAOMPT


“When we got to see them [pioneers in the field of manual therapy], what I realized was, they all asked the question ‘What if?’.  And that ‘What if?’ question normally came when they made a mistake with a patient.”

– Jack Stagge



“Very few of them were full of themselves.  The majority of the ‘greats’ that I was around felt that they were given a gift, and felt that they weren’t that special… they just didn’t stop looking.”

– Jack Stagge


“As a profession, we have two kinds of people in physical therapy.  Those that have a job, and those that have a profession.  If you’re going to be a professional in anything, I don’t care what it is, it’s going to take more time and more effort… and sacrifice!”

– Jack Stagge


Welcome back everyone!  This conversation is with my friend Jack Stagge.  As you will hear, Jack has a lot of training with some of the best in manual therapy history.  You will also notice rather quickly that he is a wonderful story-teller.  As with many of our other podcasts and conversations, Jack has incredible insight when it comes to life as a professional, as well as balancing that with personal life.  One unique aspect of our friendship is that I’ve gotten to know Jack somewhat personally for a short time as I was a student intern and he was my clinical instructor.  So, I can personally attest to Jack’s skill as a clinician and how great of a guy he truly is.  Please enjoy this conversation with Jack Stagge!



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“As a profession, we are the most gifted.  We have a lot of scientific backing… we’ve been gifted with this huge thing!  […] We have the ability to impact people on all levels.  Physical, emotional, spiritual, whatever!  […] Beceause we give all the time, there’s a giving and a connection.  We can make an impact on a person… a whole person.”

– Jack Stagge


“As a therapist, always be looking for a place you can give and get nothing back.”

– Jack Stagge





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