Advice For Young Professionals


Since the onset of this website, I’ve occasionally gotten questions from individuals about varoius topics.  Recently, a student had emailed me with a set of questions and instead of just responding to that email like I usually do, I decided to record a podcast out of it in hopes that many more people may benefit from these thoughts.  I really do hope this creates a dialogue though as I know many of you may have differing opinions.  Please share your thoughts in the comments below, or on any of our social media accounts.  And don’t forget iTunes!  We would seriously appreciate your feedback there in terms of leaving a review.  Thank you all for listening and I hope you enjoy!


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One Comment on “Advice For Young Professionals

  1. Glad to see your blog is back up and running! I really enjoyed your short videos, pictures and text. You are a great teacher. Just my opinion that the longer audios are harder to commit to and find the time for, especially if the nature of the discussion is not known. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

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