Cheryl Wardlaw PT, MMSc, CFMT



You can be, I think, a really good therapist but become a really great therapist by sticking it out and learning the basics from very knowledgable people.  And then, continuing to ask the question ‘But, why?’

– Cheryl Wardlaw



I’m not sure what sitting around [and] doing nothing is… it’s just not what I do.

– Cheryl Wardlaw



My Dad always told me that female or not, there’s nothing that you can’t do.  There’s nothing that you can’t learn.  And if anyone tries to hold you down, you just punch ‘em out…  So, I never saw being female as any determinant to a limitation in what I could do, and still to this day I don’t.

– Cheryl Wardlaw



Today, the one-and-only Cheryl Wardlaw spends time with us.  If you have not had the pleasure of meeting her, then you’re welcome for this first introduction.  Cheryl is an inspirational figure to many of us within the Institute of Physical Art with her grace, humor, intelligence, skill, etc., etc., etc.  This was a fantastic conversation with her because we get to learn how her work ethic was born, who has inspired her through the years, her thoughts on “acting” for our patients, and much much more.  Enjoy this time with Cheryl, because I sure did!



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If I can only think the thoughts that have already been thought, where do we go from here?  If we said that in the ‘50s, we wouldn’t have gone to the moon.  It’s my responsibility to think thoughts that have never been thought before.

– Cheryl Wardlaw



I think good therapy is good theater.  I think that I play a role for that person that helps them move to where they need to be.  So, you’ve got to know your audience.  Every patient is an audience.  Every class is an audience.  Every student is an audience.  And you have to know what kind of theater they need…

– Cheryl Wardlaw



What is often said is ‘Full strength Cheryl will probably dissolve you’.  (Haha) I’m a very concentrated form of an individual.

– Cheryl Wardlaw



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