Mike Rogers PT, (FM)AAOMPT, (Hon.)FAAOMPT


I think one of the best things PTs can do when they come out of school… go in a hospital.  Work inpatient/outpatient.  Learn the medical side of things.  Learn things about illness, learn things about other disciplines…

– Mike Rogers



Pain arising from the SI is as rare as pain in the buttocks is common.

– James Cyriax (paraphrased by Mike Rogers)



We are fortunate to speak with Mike Rogers today.  Mike is another important figure in the manual therapy education of physical therapists in the United States.  He has quite the interesting story to tell, consequently!  Mike has personally learned from Cyriax, Mennell, and Kaltenborn to name just a few mentors.  Another great thing about speaking with Mike is that he is also a founding member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (AAOMPT).



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People need to be independent thinkers and use the laboratory that’s in front of them, which is the patient.  If you know your ABC’s… Anatomy, Biomechanics, Clinical sciences.  A lot of times you can solve problems that aren’t solved by all the research in the world.

– Mike Rogers



 I can’t say enough about those seven people I met with [fellow founding members of AAOMPT].  Working with the founding members was probably one of the best things in my career that ever happened.  Because so much came out of that.  You just have to go to an Acadmey (AAOMPT) meeting to know.

– Mike Rogers



Links of interest:

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