There is an art to this, that science has a hard time measuring.  Because there’s so many variables that we have to control or account for… we have to consider in every treatment session.  That’s just a fact of our reality.

– Diane Lee



My courses are not about… here’s how you do this technique, this is how you do that technique.  There’s so many courses out there where people can get the tools in their tool-box for how to do this.  I really prefer to focus on when and why, and how do you know where to go in the body.

– Diane Lee



Diane Lee drops in with us this time!  She is a wealth of knowledge, and seeks to impart this to clinicians through her teaching organization “Learn with Diane Lee”.  Diane (with Linda Joy-Lee) created the Integrated Systems Model several years ago as way to organize their vast amount of clinical and educational experience.  Since then, Diane has independently evolved this model and become the sole provider for this material.  Also, most of you are likely to know who Diane is from her textbooks listed below.  She may have been the first physiotherapist to write a clinical text about the pelvic girdle in the early 1980s and afterward wrote another text regarding the thorax and clinical application of concepts regarding movement, diagnosis, and intervention.  Recently, she authored a text on diastasis rectus abdominis, and is currently working on the next edition of her thorax book.  Whew!  To list all of her other accomplishments and awards would be too numerous at this point, and I might run out of room on this page… so, listen and enjoy!



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The most toxic thought a young clinician can have is “somebody else can do this better than me.”

– Diane Lee



Gosh this is great!  I love what I do, this is fantastic!  And so the work itself lifts you up, and that’s when you know it’s not time to retire yet.

– Diane Lee



Just play, just play.  Play and be curious and the learning will always be there… right?

– Diane Lee



Links of interest mentioned during this conversation:

Diane Lee & Associates Physiotherapy

Learn with Diane Lee

Diastasis Rectus Abdominis:  A Clinical Guide for Those who are Split Down the Middle

The Pelvic Girdle:  Integration of Clinical Expertise and Research

The Thorax:  An Integrated Approach (currently being revised)




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