Joe Farrell PT, M App Sc., DPT, FFAAOMPT, FAPTA


You’ve got to be humble.

– Joe Farrell


If there is one word that could describe Joe Farrell, it might just be that… humble.  I’ve met Joe in passing and heard him speak at a conference in the past.  You get this sense that he is a really genuine guy.  In my conversation with him here, you also get to hear how passionate he is about many different things within his profession.  That passion is demonstrated on multiple fronts of:  owning a private practice, educating/mentoring at a post-graduate fellowship level, and serving within a professional organization like the AAOMPT.  As a founding member of the AAOMPT, Joe has incredibly unique insight into the development and progress of manual therapy (as related to physical therapists) within the United States.  So, tune in and hear about more history, experience, opinion, and (yes I’ll say it again) wisdom from Joe Farrell.


I would challenge yourself to be a great clinician.  Strive for clinical excellence.  Never stop reading, never stop self-reflecting, never stop treating patients.

– Joe Farrell


Spine pain is like an allergy, I think… it’s never “cured”.  It’s very rare [to be cured].  You have to manage spine pain.

– Joe Farrell



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Links of interest mentioned in this episode:

Kaiser Permanente – Northern California Graduate Physical Therapy Education

American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists

Curtin University (Perth, Australia)

Joe’s Twitter handle:  @cprjoe

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