Seated CT junction gapping HVLAT technique

Hi again!  An interesting thing happened in the clinic today.  A friend and colleague shared a video he had seen on Facebook of another therapist teaching a manipulation to a group of chiropractic students and asked what my thoughts were on the technique shown.  Not to be overly critical, but in my humble opinion it incorporated poor positioning and locking of the patient’s head/neck.  In addition, the choice of thrusting hand, direction of thrust, and amplitude of thrust were all done very poorly… and at great risk to the patient!  For those reasons, I wanted to create a video to demonstrate how I believe this technique can be done more properly; and ultimately, safer for the patient.  Below are two videos, the first is a detailed description and demonstration of technique, and the second is a live demonstration without description (more of what would occur in the clinic… sans pre-manipulative dialogue).



Comments, critiques, questions?  Please let us know below!




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