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Our latest interview is with Professor Laurie Hartman.  Laurie is Associate Professor of Osteopathic Technique at the British School of Osteopathy, and has been teaching osteopathic and manipulative technique and manual therapy since 1964. He has taught and lectured in 17 different countries with osteopaths, physiotherapists, medical manipulative groups and chiropractors.  Laurie has also authored the book “Handbook of Osteopathic Technique”, one of the best books on manipulation that you could find.

In this interview, we get to learn how Laurie decided to become an osteopath and enrolled in the BSO at a very young age!  In addition, Laurie discusses his earliest mentors and how he got into teaching.  Laurie also brings to light his approach and thoughts regarding manipulative techniques (plus advice he would give to any and all practitioners of manipulation).

If you would like to learn more about Laurie, please visit his website at  On his website, you will find his book and DVD series regarding the techniques that he teaches.  As much as I had recommended Erl Pettman’s book on manipulation, I would equally recommend this one (as well as the DVDs since they detail every technique in the book)!  And yes, I do own Laurie’s book/DVDs as well.

Hopefully, you will enjoy this interview as much as I enjoyed it!  Please, leave any comments or questions you may have below!




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