Talo-crural distraction HVLAT

Welcome to our first technique video!

The talo-crural distraction thrust is a technique that is utilized often for patients with ankle dysfunction.  However, have you learned the biomechanical rationale and reasoning as to why this technique works?  Or, what types of patients it will benefit the most?  Dr. Thomason demonstrates which patients are appropriate for this technique and little modifications of patient positioning to make it more safe.  Please comment or reply with your thoughts below!

2 Comments on “Talo-crural distraction HVLAT

  1. Great technique Matt! Very clear rationale.. If the patient lacks the ER of the Talus with the pretest and you perform this technique will it help to restore the ER of the Talus?

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    • Thank you for the comment and question Jake! The answer is, yes. If the patient lacks that conjunct movement of the talus with the pre-test, this technique will restore that movement. And the restoration of that conjunct rotation is what allows greater ankle dorsiflexion afterward.


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