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Mobilization to Improve Abduction of the AC Joint

The AC joint can be a very stubborn (and stiff) joint that wreaks havoc in patients with shoulder limitations or pain.  There are many ways to mobilize or manipulate this joint to restore movement.  However, I haven’t really seen any mobilizations that specifically work to improve congruency of the joint and/or abduction range of motion.  This video explains my thought process and how I’ve worked to improve these two things on a patient with previous history of grade II separation.


Palpation of the Scapula



Dr. Thomason demonstrates in this video how a small portion of the scapula can often be confused by clinicians to be the first rib, especially with patients that have poor shoulder girlde position related to bad posture. Remember, when mobilizing/manipulating the first rib… rule number one is… BE ON THE FIRST RIB! In order to do that effectively, we need to make sure our palpation is correct and not getting fooled by the scapula.



Happy Independence Day!

Maybe it’s just me, but I would much rather hear a hearty “Happy Independence Day” from someone instead of “Happy 4th of July”. Why not say “Happy [any other day of the year]” at that point. It cheapens the meaning of this great day in our history. So, remember what this day really meant in our history, the calculated risks (and reasons for taking those risks) taken by our founders, the multitude of acts of a tyrant that lead to this day, and for goodness sakes… actually read the Declaration of Independence!

Happy Independence Day!

Stanley V. Paris, PT, PhD, FAPTA, HONLLD(OTAGO)


I’ve always been a bit of an opportunist, looking for where the opportunities lie.  Not just going with the mob.

– Stanley V. Paris




I have, throughout my career, been disappointed many times in the therapists who let’s say they’re trained in McKenzie (and think everything of it).  But then they take a Maitland course, and they think that’s great and drop everything that they’ve ever learned from McKenzie.  Or next year it might be a Mulligan-type course, and they drop everything else.  Haven’t they learned?  Can’t they integrate?  No, they’re just followers.  They don’t have enough depth of background in the basic sciences of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics (and psychology if you like because it gets in there too) to be able to synthesize this and come up with something that suits their personality and the patients that they are treating.  No, they do it the way according to their latest impressive mentor.

– Stanley V. Paris




Alan Stoddard… I always regarded as the greatest manipulator I’ve ever worked with.

– Stanley V. Paris




I discouraged my faculty from doing research.  Because you can’t be a researcher, a clinician, and a teacher.  I think you need to come into the profession with clinical skills.  So, I wanted my faculty to be mainly clincians and teachers.  Researchers would be third.

I feel that if you look at the quality of most of our research in the last twenty years, much of it, it cluters up our conferences and poster sessions with stuff that we see over, and over, and over again.  Whereas the big questions have not been tackled.  That’s why I’m involved with the Foundation (Foundation for Physical Therapy) today.

– Stanley V. Paris




What could I say about Stanley Paris that some of you don’t already know.  Well, after speaking with him for this conversation… a lot!  Stanley was gracious enough to spend quite a bit of time with me earlier this year and… WOW… just, WOW!  If you think you knew who Stanley was in the history of our profession, you will be surprised by some of the stories he tells.  In hearing a lot of what Stanley was talking about, I couldn’t help but have the feeling like I’m a slacker.  Seriously, just hear all of the things he had done before he was 30 years old and I’d venture a guess that you’d feel the same way.  Yes, he is quite the inspirational figure for so many in our profession and will go down in history as one of the biggest influencers of our craft that is manual therapy.  Please enjoy this conversation with Stanley Paris.


Listen in here:


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We need the occasional passionate teacher who can inspire students to excellence.

– Stanley V. Paris




You do your best at your phase in life and then you have to move on and leave it to others.

– Stanley V. Paris




A leader is a person who will bring together the best talent for what it is we’re trying to do.

– Stanley V. Paris




Measuring Cervical ROM Without Compensation



In this video, Dr. Thomason shows modification of measuring cervical spine rotation active range of motion. This illustrates how patients can easily compensate during this assessment, providing a false sense of range of motion to the clinician. Watch, and try it out for yourself in the clinic!